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Portland History and the Boston Bruins

posted: , by Abraham
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On the momentous occasion of the Bruins’ Stanley Cup championship, here are two photographic gems from our Archives in the Portland Room.

In the photos below, published in the Portland Press Herald on November 12, 1969, Bruins star Phil Esposito is shown signing autographs at the Giant store, at Northgate Shopping Center in North Deering. Esposito had recently accomplished the record of being the first NHL player to score more than 100 points in a season.

Bruins fans may recognize that only months after these pictures were taken here in Portland, the Bruins and Phil Esposito would go on to win the Stanley Cup (1970), and again in 1972.

In the photo below, Tommy MacDowell is giving Esposito a letter to deliver which he’d written to Bruins goalie Eddie Johnston. MacDowell caddied for Johnston during the 1968 Maine Open golf tournament which was held at Riverside Golf Course in Portland.

local history with Local Sprouts

posted: , by Abraham
tags: Library Collections | Adults | Teens | Kids & Families | Seniors | Portland History

The Portland Room is much more than a destination to research this region’s history, personal genealogies, rare books and archives, maps, or Portland newspapers. This unique set of resources is increasingly a destination for students and classroom groups of all ages to discover and be inspired.

Recently, we’ve been able to help the students and instructors from the Local Sprouts Cooperative, who made several visits to the Portland Room to study local history. The crew produced a story about the Ingraham House, and incorporated their findings- and one of their Portland Room adventures with maps, Capt. William Moulton Ingraham, and The Great Fire of 1866 into their latest Portland TV Show (video below), which is a set of short (often hilarious) films. The section called “Carriage House,” begins at the 22:50 mark. We all had a great time, and our Local Sprouts neighbors will surely be back to the Library for more !

[vimeo 16595865]

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