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Memorial Day and Monument Square

posted: , by Abraham
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Monument Square has long been the destination for parades in Portland- notably the Memorial Day observance. Here is a photo from this past Monday, with the Library in the background.

The older photo, from our Archives, shows the Square on Memorial Day in 1940. Note the building at the corner of Elm and Congress, where the Library is now!


Rachel Field and typewriters

posted: , by Abraham
tags: Library Collections | Adults | Teens | Kids & Families | Seniors | Portland History

Author and illustrator Rachel Field (1894-1942) ┬áis well represented in various sections of the Library, with over 50 novels and children’s books. Just below are two items from the Portland Room. A portrait of the writer, with her dog and her typewriter, is from our Archives:


Here (below) is the cover of an early edition of her book, The Magic Pawnshop, printed in 1937, also in the Portland Room. Can you find the typewriter in the illustration ?

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and walks in the woods

posted: , by Abraham
tags: Library Collections | Adults | Kids & Families | Seniors | Art & Culture | Portland History

Among many Maine authors’ works available for reading in the Portland Room are those of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. As well, among resources to explore and learn from about Longfellow in the library are photographs- such as the one immediately below. The photo- from our Archives- was taken circa 1910, at Longfellow Square. Congress Street is at right, and State Street at left.

Longfellow was fond of hearty walks- and would walk from downtown Portland to the Portland Head Light. His sonnet (below) called “My Cathedral” appears here from the Riverside Press’ edition, from 1892.

If you are interested in finding your own favorite local trail, visit the Portland Trails web site, which includes maps and guides.

The image below was recently taken by the archivist, just north of Portland, at Bradbury Mountain State Park.

Happy strolling!

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