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BooktoberFest: Book Launch Party for Sarah Thomson’s Deadly Wish

Saturday, October 14 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library
Audience: Kids & Families

In celebration of Portland Public Library’s BooktoberFest, the Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library will be  throwing a book launch party for the release of Sarah Thomson’s new children’s book, Deadly Wish. An award-winning Portland author, Ms. Thomson’s work includes nonfiction, poetry, picture books and novels for children and teens 

 WANTED! Readers of great cunning, courage, intelligence, or stealth. You are secretly invited to attend a training for …ninjas. Using a series of clues and feats of agility, we will prepare you for your first mission and possible battle with Japanese demons. You will walk away changed and with a free chapter of the thrilling new girl ninja series, Deadly Flowers by Sarah L. Thomson (Boyds Mill Press). All ages welcome, but best for 9-13. Wear all black for full event stealth. 

 Deadly Wish is the sequel to Deadly Flowers, which Booklist reviewed as “genuinely thrilling, with surprises at every turn and a solid emotional core.” In their review of Deadly Wish, Kirkus Reviews gives “kudos to Thomson for a well-researched story with plausible characters in a fantastical world reminiscent of 16th-century Japan. Jam-packed with thrilling action and hurtling plot twists – readers may forget to breath.” 

 Ninjas in training will be served delicious refreshments, get a chance to meet local author Sarah Thomson and be able to purchase  Deadly Flowers & Deadly Wish, and have them autographed by the author!