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Discussion: “What’s the Truth About Genetically Modified Foods?”

Thursday, February 06 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Main Library
Audience: Adults

Co-sponsored by the Camden Conference and the World Affairs Council
In the Lewis Gallery

Join Portland Public Library for a discussion about “What’s the Truth About Genetically Modified Foods” on Thursday, February 6th at noon in the Lewis Gallery.  Betsy Mayberry, Camden Conference Board Member, will present and facilitate the discussion.  No topic in agriculture is more polarizing or excites emotions like genetically modified (GM) foods. Proponents claim they will be necessary to feed the world. Claimed benefits include increased yields, drought resistance, reduced use of pesticides and lower carbon emissions. Opponents denounce GM foods as a prime example of human overreaching fraught with unknown potential dangers. Is there a sound and safe way out of this dilemma?

This topic, part of the Camden Conference Discussion Series, will be the focus of discussion at the Portland Public Library on February 6, 2014. Betsy Mayberry who is on the Board of the Camden Conference will facilitate the discussion. Join the conversation.

Like book groups, the discussions promote thoughtful, engaged dialogue, but with less required preparation. For those of you who wish to prepare, we suggest 2 short articles and a video.


Articles and Video



  1. The Truth about GMOs.  (2013) An article by Pamela Ronald in Boston Review, 10 pages.


  1. Genetic Engineering in Agriculture (2012) An article by the Union of Concerned Scientists in their Food and Agriculture section. 4 pages.


  1. Mark Lynas: From GMO Hater to Supporter. (2013) An article by Aaron Perlut in Forbes and an 18 minute video interview with Mark Lynas.


To access these articles, go to http://www.camdenconference.org/wp-content/uploads/CCDS-Schedule-for-web-CE-sidebar-12-19-13.pdf or get copies at Portland Public Library’s reference desk.