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Duncan Hewitt performance in the Lewis Gallery

Thursday, March 14 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Location: Lewis Gallery
Audience: Adults

Duncan Hewitt will conduct a site-specific installation of his piece, Swan.  Hewitt’s piece in the exhibit is based on the

Duncan Hewitt, “Swan”<br<Photo courtesy of Lin Lisberger

book of poems by Alice Oswald, Falling Awake.   “As I made the sculpture, the poem Swan, among others, was the one that kept coming to me, at least, enriching what I was learning.”

The performance is held in conjunction with On Books: Sculpture which in on view in the Lewis Gallery through March 23.


SWAN by Alice Oswald


A rotted swan

Is hurrying away from the plane-crash mess of her wings

one here

one there


getting panicky up out of her clothes and mid-splash

looking down again at what a horrible plastic

mould of herself split-second

climbing out of her own cockpit


and lifting away again and bending back for another look thinking



what are those two white clips that connected my strength

to its floatings


and lifting away again and bending back for another look

at the clean china serving-dish of a breast bone

and how thickly the symmetrical quill-points

were threaded in backwards through the leather underdress

of the heart saying




it’s not as if such fastenings could ever contain

the regular yearning wing-beat of my evenings

and that surely can’t be my own black feet

lying poised in their slippers


what a waste of detail

what a heaviness inside each feather


and leaving her life and all its tools

with their rusty juices trickling back to the river

she is lifting away she is taking a last look thinking






say something to the

frozen cloud of the head

before it thaws


whose one dead eye

is a growing cone of twilight

in the middle of winter


it is snowing there

and the bride has just set out

to walk to her wedding


but how can she reach

the little black-lit church

it is so cold


the bells like iron angels

hung from one note

keep ringing and ringing