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Leaf of Voices Part I: New & Known

Saturday, January 19 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Location: Rines Auditorium
Audience: Adults

This first installment in the Leaf of Voices Poetry Series is a collaborative poetry reading created by “New and Known” voices to the Greater Portland audience. Hosted by Linda Aldrich, Portland’s Poet Laureate, the reading will feature past poets laureate in collaboration with new voices to Portland’s poetry scene.

We are thrilled to welcome Marcia Brown, Anna Turner, Steve Luttrell, Craig Sipe, Martin Steingesser, Deborah Pfeffer, Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, and Samaa Abdurraqib to the stage of our Rines Auditorium. We hope you will join us for the kickoff of our poet laureate series! Coffee, tea, and light refreshments will be served.

(Please note that, in the event that harsh weather causes the library to close, a snow date has been scheduled for Friday, January 25th.)

About the Series » Leaf of Voices Poetry Series

Linda Aldrich. Photo courtesy of Portland Press Herald, 2018.

Linda Aldrich, Portland’s Poet Laureate, hosts a series of poetry readings that feature a range of local voices through varying themes and collaborations of poets. Inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem Voices, this series is intended to highlight Greater Portland’s active community of poetic voices and provoke thoughtful conversation around the art of poetry.

The Leaf of Voices Poetry Series is a project of the Portland Poet Laureate Program, in collaboration with Portland Public Library and the Portland Poet Laureate Committee.

Discover more about Linda Aldrich and the Portland Poet Laureate Program here.


NOW I make a leaf of Voices–for I have found nothing mightier than they are,
And I have found that no word spoken, but is beautiful, in its place.

O what is it in me that makes me tremble so at voices?
Surely, whoever speaks to me in the right voice, him or her I shall follow,
As the water follows the moon, silently, with fluid steps, anywhere around the globe.

All waits for the right voices;
Where is the practis’d and perfect organ? Where is the develop’d Soul?
For I see every word utter’d thence, has deeper, sweeter, new sounds, impossible on less terms.

I see brains and lips closed–tympans and temples unstruck,
Until that comes which has the quality to strike and to unclose,
Until that comes which has the quality to bring forth what lies slumbering, forever ready, in all words.

Walt Whitman

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