Maine Community Law Center Series: Landlord / Tenant Issues

Wednesday, May 02 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Location: meeting room (5)
Audience: Adults

William Z. Adams, Esq. is addressing landlord/tenant issues. What happens when your roommate decides to leave the apartment? Do they have to keep paying the rent until someone new moves in? Do you have any say in who replaces them? What if my roommate refuses to leave after failing to pay rent? Can I ask my landlord to help me evict my roommate? Can I evict them on my own? What if the landlord does not fix a broken window? What if there is mold? What if there are bedbugs? When is it okay to try to get out of the lease? What if my landlord refuses to return my security deposit, or only returns part of it?… Attorney Adams will outline the basic rights of both landlords and their tenants and then open the floor to questions from the community.


About the Series » Maine Community Law Center Series, 2018

In the 2018 series, attorneys from Maine Community Law Center will provide informative workshops on immigration facts and fiction, Protection From Abuse Matters, Landlord/Tenant Issues and Ballot Issues: What do they mean? This series is brought to you by the Portland Public Library in partnership with the Maine Community Law Center. Free and open to the public, come one, come all.