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Makers@PPL 2018

Saturday, April 28 - 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Main Library
Audience: Adults, Parents & Teachers

Makers@PPL is a special event to celebrate maker culture, and bring together the talents and creativity in the community to share ideas and projects with others. Mark the day on your calendar — Saturday, April 28, 2018 10am to 2pm — and come ready to learn new skills, experiment with tools and materials, and observe stuff used in ways you never thought possible!

This event highlights the importance of the STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), and will showcase workshops and presentations that not only teach, but are fun and engaging. Regardless of your background or expertise, this event will show you that everyone is a maker; after all, humans have been inventing and experimenting for hundreds of years.

This year’s presentations will include:

  • Bike Wheel Zoetropes with Bike Part Art ME
    Use handmade stamps to create animations on the bike wheel zoetrope. Animations can be filmed with a smart phone.
  • Maine-Made Renewable Energy with Maine Green Power
    Maine Green Power is a voluntary program overseen by the Maine Public Utilities Commission that allows businesses and residents to support Maine-made renewable energy on their electricity bills. We enable any Maine ratepayer to reduce their environmental impact in a meaningful and visible way without making a significant financial commitment. This program is NOT a competitive electricity supplier.
  • Live Demos: Place-Based Living Skills with Rewild Maine
    Zachary Rouda of Rewild Maine will display tools, baskets, crafts, and materials, and offer live demonstration of many small-scale, place-based living skills including basketry, string making, and leather working. If you’ve got the time, learn to make a piece of handmade string, an organic frisbee, or a small leather pouch.
  • Casco Bay Saber Works with Lela Ferguson
    CBSW is a custom LED lightsaber maker located in Westbrook, Maine. We build various lightsabers for costuming, sport fighting, and whatever other purpose you can find for a noisy 3′ long glow stick. We also, in conjunction with the Open Bench Project, teach a class on how to build these wondrous glowing contraptions. Come see some examples of our builds, pictures of the sabers which have been built in our class, and diagrams on how they are built.
  • Electro Toy Co. with Ben Williams
    Electro Toy Co. makes techy gadgets and toys. Come see some examples, including a mini retro arcade cabinet, a simple synthesizer, a reaction timer and possibly a lightning detector.
  • Make Your Own Fruit Jam with University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Learn how to preserve your great garden or farm share bounty with this boiling water bath and freezing demonstration from University of Maine Cooperative Extension. We will provide up-to-date recommendations to ensure a fresh, safe, and delicious food preservation season.
  • Business Card Cubes with Zev Eisenberg
    Learn to make interlocking cube sculptures using ordinary business cards, no tape or glue required. A fun way to recycle old business cards!
  • SLIME! with MakerKid Sydney
    Make your own Galaxy Slime
  • Makers Club House with Maine Charitable Mechanic Association
    We will display the activities and opportunities happening at the Mechanics’ Hall and the ways in which MCMA serves a wide spectrum of makers in our community.
  • Everything You Can Do With Concrete with B & E Constructors & Engineers
    Come see the latest innovations in concrete — ranging from countertops to underground tunnels and parking garages.
  • Little Roots Make-A-Shake-R with 317 Main Community Music Center
    Using recycled plaster easter eggs filled with rice, duct taped shut, and decorated with stickers, we will make a perfect little instrument to shake anywhere!
  • Garcia’s Origami Bookmarks with MakerKid Garcia
    Easy to make origami paper bookmarks that kids can decorate and even add googly eyes to! Bookmarks sit perfectly on the corner of your favorite book to hold the page!
  • Urban Treasure with Wheelwright Woodworks
    Comes see how to make furniture with locally salvaged woods.
  • Screen Printing Posters with Little Chair Printing and Pickwick Independent Press
    Learn how to screen print your very own poster.
  • Seed Starting with PPL Children’s Staff
    Get started on your garden by learning how to create seed pots from recycled newspaper. We will provide soil and seeds to plant along with cultivating information and a seed journal to keep track of your seedlings progress!
  • Button Making with PPL Teen Staff & Teen Advisory Board
    The button maker is back and the Teen Library Staff and our Teen Advisory Board members will be here to help you make some wearable art out of our old & discarded books!
  • UP Room with Maine State Library
    The UP Room (Unlimited Possibilities) at the Maine State Library is open to all who want to create and learn. The space blends technology and traditional arts and crafts and serves as a resource to help foster new ideas and innovation. Staff from the Maine State Library will be showcasing robots and how to program them with Scratch, how to play video games using your friend as a controller and how to make a simple design on paper light up with coin cell batteries, copper tape and LEDs.
  • It’s About Time… with SideWalk Buttler
    Stop by and learn about the solution to the most prevalent litter on the streets.
  • Pop Out Map Book with Inabind Studio
    Learn how to make a traditional Turkish pop out map book just by folding paper into geometric patterns.
  • Energy Saving Window Inserts with Window Dressers
    Come see some sample window inserts and get information on how to save energy in your own home.
  • Your Oral Micro Biome with the University of Southern Maine
    Learn about the different types of bacteria in your mouth and what they do!
  • Make Your Own Germs with University of Southern Maine
    Use a hands-on GloGerm demonstration to see how easily germs can spread around you and get a chance to craft your own germs.

Green energy courtesy of Maine Green Power written in white text on a green backgroundGreen energy for Makers@PPL! It has been made possible courtesy of the Maine Green Power Program. Sign up to support Maine‐made renewable energy on your electricity bill at their table in the Rines Auditorium on April 28th.