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PPL’s Make Shift Coffee House – Can Civility Save Us?

Tuesday, August 14 - 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: Rines Auditorium
Audience: Adults

Can Civility Save Us?

What’s the right response to troubling political trends?

Protest? Tweet? Violence? Vote?

What role should civil discourse play to bring change or make peace?

Come to hear Make Shift Coffee House founder and public policy expert Craig Freshley share his views and lead a discussion.

As a volunteer, Craig has organized 20 Make Shift Coffee Houses – places where liberals and conservatives come to understand each other’s political views. As a professional facilitator, Craig has run over 3000 meetings of nonprofits, governments, and companies. He’s authored a book called The Wisdom of Group Decisions.

Craig will explain current trends, past successes and failures of civil discourse, and lessons learned from Make Shift Coffee Houses.

If you are wondering, “What should be done to combat political craziness?” If you are questioning, “What part should I play?” Come to hear what Craig has to say. Ask questions. Share answers.

Is civil discourse “weak?”

Is it a tricky way to co-opt your adversary?

Is it “all talk and no action?”

Not just a lecture but a discussion.

What’s your answer?