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Read to Me! Story Time en Français with Olga Koni

Saturday, February 18 - 3:00pm - 3:30pm
Location: Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library
Audience: Kids & Families

Olga Koni

Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library is very excited to have Olga Koni join us on Saturday, Feburary 18th for a program to stress the importance of reading and singing to young children in their native language. This program is part of the early literacy series, Read to Me! Olga will be sharing books and songs in her native language, French. All families are welcome, whether or not they are native French speakers.

Olga reminds us (in English and French) that:

Languages are real assets that we want to cherish and keep! In our efforts to keep up with a language that is not our own, we sometimes forget to take care of our native language, something which is particularly important if you no longer live in your native country.It is more so for children whose primary language is not the language of instruction in school in the country they have moved to.Research shows that children with strong first language skills are more ready and able to learn a second language.  In other words, it’s difficult to build a second language if the first language foundation is not established and supported WHILE the second language is being learned.Never feel that keeping the first language of your child will delay the learning of English.Give them the time and opportunity to keep their first language; and we are here to help them keep up their French as they will listen and read, write and sing, speak… French!!!

Les langues sont des atouts que l’on doit chérir et préserver ! En nous efforçant d’embrasser une langue qui n’est pas la nôtre, nous arrivons à oublier de prendre soin de notre langue principale, chose primordiale étant donne que nous ne vivons plus dans notre pays d’origine.Ceci est encore fondamental pour les enfants qui fréquentent l’école et apprennent dans la langue du pays d’accueil.Les recherches indiquent que les enfants qui ont une bonne compréhension de leur langue maternelle sont prêts et a même d’apprendre une deuxième langue. En d’autres termes, il est difficile de construire une deuxième langue pendant que la première langue n’est pas bien assise et soutenue.Ne pensez jamais que l’enfant serra retarder dans son apprentissage de la langue anglaise.Accordez leurs le temps et l’opportunité de préserver leur langue Française. Nous sommes là pour les aider alors qu’ils suivront la lecture, liront, écriront, parleront et chanteront en Français !!!!

 Olga Koni is a teacher/facilitator in the Early Learning Readiness program at the YMCA of Southern Maine. Prior to moving to Maine, Olga was the owner and director of Marvel Playhouse, a preschool and child care center in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo where she also taught English to native French speaking children. Olga received a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and also worked in Kinshasa for the United Nations Office for Project Services.