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Reference USA 101

Thursday, September 26 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Location: Rines Auditorium
Audience: Adults

At the end of this 90 mins business data workshop (you are welcome to bring your laptop computer to work along) you will be able to apply key business research concepts to your business. Hands -on learning includes;

    • Determine your competition is (how many employees they have, average annual sales are, management team) using our online business directory
    • Find out consumer spending behavior specific to geographic location (e.g., how much does the average person in Portland spend on baked goods per year?)
    • Download your search results
    • Conduct in-depth market research via reports not freely available on the internet
    • Read full-text trade journals and popular magazines in the areas of business and industry  

This workshop is free; however, registration is required as space is limited, registration ends on end of day 09-23-19