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Consumer Reports
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Resources for Your Small Business or Nonprofit

Tuesday | January 18, 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Location: Resources for Your Small Business or Nonprofit
Audience: Adults
Location: Zoom | Please click here to register

This online workshop will show you how to find in-depth information to help you launch or grow your business. Use online research tools to save you time, money and credibility which can be accessed (with your PPL card) either at the library or from home.  This workshop is a collaboration with the Portland Public Library and SCORE –  Portland, ME

Participans will learn how to:

+ Access full business plans and templates

+ Build marketing strategies utilizing demographic and expenditure reports

+ Efficiently compile phone, email and social media contacts

+ Find out consumer spending behavior specific to geographic location (eg: How much does the average person in Portland spend on baked goods per year?)

+ Learn about your competition (e.g. how many employees they have, current and past annual revenue, credit rating)

+ Read full text trade journals and popular magazines in the areas of business and industry

+ Download and print legal forms