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Choose Civility Portland

Portland Public Library invites the Greater Portland community to enhance our public life by choosing civility!

Public libraries are important community center where citizens can gather to civilly discuss issues important to our community. Join us in this ongoing series of events as we explore the issues that affect our community and learn more about both our city and our neighbors!


In 2013 Portland Public Library announced it’s Choose Civility Initiative modeled on the work of  the Howard County Library System, with generous funding from the Lerner Foundation.

Choose Civility has hosted numerous programs, in partnership with Lift360 and the Maine Humanities Council, since its inception covering a variety of topics that affect Portland and our society as a whole; including incivility in politics, economic inequality, how we can become better citizens and neighbors and more. In partnership with the Maine Humanities Council, PPL hosted ‘Creating the Communities We Wish to Live In’ sessions in various locations throughout the city where attendees read a short poem that generated facilitated discussion and questions as to what kind of communities we aspire to be.

We invite you to join us. Please  be in touch with any ideas or opportunities:

Upcoming Events:
Law Day
10:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Main Library, meeting room (5) Audience: Adults Because libraries are at the heart of our communities and justice is at the heart of our democracy, librarians and lawyers are joining forces. Lawyers will be on hand at PPL. Stop by with your legal questions and speak with an expert. FREE.
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