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Health & Wellness Resources on the Web

Finding reliable health and medical information on the Internet is simple, once you know the tricks. Here are some tips, tricks, and websites to help you find trustworthy information.

Evaluating a Website

Before trusting a website, try to answer these questions:

Who runs the website? Is it a trusted author? This information is often available on the website’s “About” page.Close-up of white keyboard

When was the website last updated? Health information changes frequently; look for a website that has been updated recently. This information is often available toward the bottom of the page.

Are they trying to sell you something? If so, look for other resources.

For more information about evaluating health information, consult these trusted websites:

Trustworthy Websites to Start Your Research

MedlinePlus: Managed by the National Library of Medicine, this resource has information and videos about diseases, treatments, medication, and other wellness topics. Find up-to-date information without medical jargon and in many languages.

National Institutes of Health: Find information about diseases, treatments, and clinical trials.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services: Find statewide information about programs, services, and practitioners.

Merck Manual for Consumers: The website version of this popular book contains timely information about symptoms, drugs, and medical tests.

Prefer the Telephone?

That’s okay! For resources on a specific health topic or question, call a health information line at the National Institutes of Health.


For research assistance, contact the Health Librarian.