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  • Maine Charitable Mechanic Association
    In 1815, the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association was the fellowship for Portland’s creative community: the blacksmiths, coopers, carpenters, and more. Today we’re working to connect that history to the modern makers movement. Our mission is to inspire and enrich the community by promoting ingenuity, creativity, innovation and the diffusion of useful knowledge.
  • Open Bench Project
    The Open Bench Project is a a shared learn/work facility in Portland, Maine. We cultivate a community of makers by providing access to studio/work space, tools and resources around skill and capacity building. We provide an opportunity for makers of all types — amateurs, professionals, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, youth, artists, scientists, engineers — to explore ideas, hone and learn new skills, and collaborate with thought partners across disciplines.We strive to help people explore, question, critique, and recreate the built world around them. OBP is a space for people to bring their ideas into reality. We believe the act of making and encouraging critical thinking about the designed world fosters confidence and curiosity — qualities that will enrich individual lives as well as our local and shared communities.
  • Maine Tool Library
    A volunteer-run tool library in Portland, Maine for garden, home, construction and kitchen tools. Open Saturdays 9-1 and Wednesdays 4-8.
  • Maine FabLab @ Engine
    Maine FabLab’s first lab was created in June 2013 by Engine, a non-profit arts organization located in Biddeford, Maine. Engine had been working on the idea of a FabLab for several months when the organization was introduced to Sarah Boisvert of Greenwood Technologies, who was looking for a bricks-and-mortar location for Maine FabLab. Engine took over the direction and administration of the program in the fall of 2013 and is currently developing Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) for after-school, Saturday, and summer camp experiences.
  • Code for Maine
    Code for Maine is a local ‘brigade’ of Code for America. Code for America enlists the talent of the web industry into public service to use their skills to solve core problems facing our communities. We help passionate technologists leverage the power of the internet to make governments more open and efficient, and become civic leaders able to realize transformational change with technology.
  • Hack Portland Meetup
    Calling all white hat, black hat and pink hat hackers in Portland, ME to come talk nerdy to us. What’s a hacker? Someone who likes to know how stuff works – someone who likes to take stuff apart and make into something new – someone who likes to tweak, fiddle and mess around.  Not just for technologists – we want everyone from life hackers, artists, circuit benders to political strategists and civic engineers.
  • Running With Scissors
    RWS is a diverse artist studio collective thriving in the industrial and eclectic East Bayside neighborhood of Portland, ME. A dedicated work space, it serves over 50 artists working in various mediums who share equipment, ideas, tools, and support. Bringing together resources and community, our studios help artists reach their independent creative goals. RWS is the home of the Bayside Clay Center, a branch of the studio dedicated to clay and ceramic arts.