The Children's Library in the Downtown Library will partially reopen for browsing and play starting Wednesday, March 22. Regularly scheduled programming will resume starting on Tuesday, March 28.
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Teen D&D Club

Calling all heroes, mages, wanderers, scoundrels, and goblins! Dungeons and Dragons is back at the Teen Library! Join the party to play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons online every other week with Game Master Una.

Players can join in on the ongoing campaign, based loosely on Lost Mines of Phandelver. To accommodate for everyone’s busy schedules, those who can’t make it to every session can feel free to drop in and out for games.

All teenage players are welcome—no experience required! Click here to join the Teen D&D Club.

Dungeons and Dragons is a collaborative story-telling game played as a group. Players make their way through a fantasy adventure on their own terms. Explore an unknown world, battle monsters, or run your own successful turnip farm—the choice is yours! Your options are limited only by your own imagination.

Through the Teen D&D Club, players will:

  • develop confidence and social emotional skills
  • collaborate with peers
  • exercise creative problem-solving
  • strengthen math skills

This program is virtual and takes place on the Teen Library’s Discord server. To join the server, click here. To read more about the Discord server, click here.