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Online Privacy: Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

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There’s a lot of information out there regarding the Equifax breach and online privacy so our staff pulled together some of our favorite and most trusted resources and made a topic guide to help you navigate data privacy issues.

One of the featured links on this list is the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information website, which is an excellent resource for topics related to online security, identity theft, and protecting kids online.

We’ve also compiled a brief list of quick tips and resources that can help you keep your personal data private:

1. Keep your personal information safe by creating stronger passwords. Learn more at

2. Learn how to recognize safe URLs, emails, and attachments, and avoid phishing attacks:

3. Consider using Two-Step Verification (aka Multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication) as an extra layer of security, but understand its limitations:

4. Update software, apps, and operating systems when prompted. These updates fix bugs in the previous versions and often include security updates.

5. Learn the difference between public and private wireless networks and how to keep your devices protected:

And one final piece of advice: banks and government offices (i.e. Social Security Administration or the IRS) will never email, text, or call you to verify your name, address, social security number or other identifying information. So delete those emails and hang up the phone to keep your information private!

Celebrating Welcoming Week – Resources for New Mainers & the Greater Portland Community

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As a public library, we are committed to welcoming everyone. Our staff has compiled this list of resources for New Mainers and the Greater Portland Community to unite us in the spirit of National Welcoming Week.

We hope you will find these resources useful and will share with others. Our librarians are always ready to connect our patrons and our community with vetted sources for learning more.

Books in our collection

Welcoming Week works to bring together community members in a spirit of unity and to raise awareness of the benefits of making communities welcoming. Our Welcoming Week Book Lists tackle a range of relevant related issues. Here you’ll find memoirs, novels, and nonfiction, as well as books that discuss inclusive community building through civility, dialogue, and action.


Language Learning Resources

From our Portland Room Archives – “Veasma Kem, a Khmer native language facilitator at Reiche School, teaches pupils about the Buddhist New Year and Cambodian culture.” April 1994, Portland Press Herald.

We promote Adult Literacy and English Language Learning by offering print, audio, and digital resources to ensure non-native speakers have access to the English Language.

These are some of our favorite online language learning resources:

We also offer tutoring tables in the reference area for students and tutors to use. You can reserve a table by calling the Reference Desk at 207-871-1700 x725.

Explore our collection of adult fiction & nonfiction in non-English languages here.

USCIS Immigration Corner

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has provided PPL with a collection of resources to help immigrants and refugees prepare for their next steps in the immigration process; including items that they can keep for their private libraries or to share with friends. The materials are located on the Lower Level at the Main Library.

In addition, the USCIS holds outreach sessions at the Main Library. They will be at the Library on the dates listed here.

Additional resources for Immigrants and Refugees are listed in our catalog. You can find a handy topic guide here.

USCIS “How Do I” Guides

Are you familiar with the USCIS “How Do I” guides series? These guides answer general questions regarding immigration benefits and are currently available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Choose from the following topics:

The USCIS invites any feedback on how to improve the guides. To share feedback visit the USCIS Idea Community.

Business Resources

Our Business Resource Center contains information about finance & financial literacy, business management, & law. We are happy to provide reference services and library resources to help Portland area businesses succeed.

We would like to introduce New Mainers to the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center just around the corner from our Main Branch. This new organization is committed to endow the immigrant community with professional opportunities through access to creative collaboration, technology, and workspace in order to sustain and grow their organizations, businesses and the Greater Portland region.

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