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Monthly Business Data Workshop

posted: , by Williams Bandoma
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Monthly Business Data Workshop

PPL’s monthly business data workshop starts on 24th September from 12 pm to 1:30 pm. In this monthly business data workshops, we would be looking at how business and business owners can make use of PPL’s databases to start, maximize profit margins and potentially grow their businesses.

You would be introduced to how to use online research tools to save you time, money and credibility which can be accessed (with your PPL card) at the Library, from home or office.

  • Access thousands of sample business plans
  • Conduct in-depth market research via reports not freely available on the internet
  • Determine your competition is (how many employees they have, average annual sales are, management team) using our online business directory
  • Find out consumer spending behavior specific to geographic location (e.g., how much does the average person in Portland spend on baked goods per year?)
  • Read full-text trade journals and popular magazines in the areas of business and industry
  • Download and print legal forms

For more details please, visit

Business Data Workshop is a FREE mini-workshop sponsored by Portland Public Library.


A Guide to Resources for Maine Entrepreneurs

posted: , by Williams Bandoma
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A Guide to Resources for Maine Entrepreneurs

Greetings. This guide is a starting point for entrepreneurs seeking resources in the state of Maine. It is also designed to help individuals and organizations that support and guide entrepreneurs and startups and are looking for ways to match resources with those in need. The following categories of resources are included:

  • Training, Technical Assistance & Mentoring
  • Financing & Capital
  • Incubators & Workspaces
  • Libraries
  • Networking & Advocacy
  • State & Regional Economic Development
  • Recurring Conferences & Events in Maine

The Maine Small Business Guide, published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), is another resource of value to entrepreneurs and startups. It includes resources for all small businesses, success stories and how-to’s along with additional industry-specific resources.

For the Guide

Maine Small Business Resources Directory



Resources for Ranked-choice Voting (RCV)

posted: , by Williams Bandoma
tags: Recommended Reads | Adults | Business | Government

June 12, 2018, primary election will be conducted using a system of ranked-choice voting for the offices of U.S. Senate, Governor, U.S. Congress, State Senate and Representative to the Legislature, in those races that have three or more candidates. Those races include; The Democratic and Republican nominations for the office of Governor; the Democratic nomination for the Representative to Congress in Congressional District 2; and the Republican nomination for Representative to the Maine Legislature in House District 75. (See sample ballots below). In these races, voters will have an opportunity to vote for their first-choice candidate and to rank the remaining candidates in order of preference (i.e. second choice, third choice, etc.). The June primary will mark the first time that ranked-choice voting has been used in a statewide election in the United States.

For more on:

Ranked-choice voting in Maine (explainer animation)

How do I properly mark the ranked-choice ballot?
All municipalities in Congressional District 1
Republican Primary Sample Ballot RCV 1
All municipalities except for Leeds, Turner, and part of Livermore (House District 75)
Democratic Primary Sample Ballot RCV 2
All municipalities in Congressional District 2
Republican Primary Sample Ballot RCV 2
House District 75 (Leeds, Turner, and part of Livermore)


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