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Maine Citizen’s Guide to the November 7, 2017 Referendum Election

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Please find a copy of the Maine Citizen’s Guide to the November 7, 2017 Referendum Election. The Information includes;

  • Each of the four referendum questions
  • The legislation each question represents
  • A summary of the intent and¬†content of the legislation
  • An explanation of the significance of Yes or NO vote
  • An analysis of the debt service on the bond issues
  • An estimate of the fiscal impact of each ballot measure on state revenues, appropriations, and allocations and
  • Public comments field in support of or in opposition to a ballot measure (if applicable).

The Guide is a collaboration effort by the Department of the Secretary of State, the State treasurer, the Attorney General and the Office of Fiscal and Program Review. For additional information relating to the election visit:

Just the facts: Nonfiction films from Videoport and PPL

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On October 1st, the Library opened up yet another area of the Videoport collection for requests: Nonfiction. Documentaries, biographies, instructional films.

Here’s a hint: If you have books on your chosen subject, you can look at that same call number on the video shelves. To search the catalog, type your subject into a “keywords” search and limit your results to dvds.

Or, if you have no particular subject in mind, you can just browse the shelves, or view a list of recommended videos here.

For the best of our collection, see this list of Oscar-winning documentaries.

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