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Activating Our Hope

Last month, 9 of us gathered to reflect on Joanna Macy’s ideas presented in the book Active Hope. We began by considering the “spiral of the work that reconnects” and the various stages, including : gratitude, honoring our pain, and seeing with new eyes. The last piece is “going forth” and we left considering our own commitments and ideas for how to bring “active hope” into our lives and our communities.

Some of the ideas for preventing or addressing burn-out that were shared included:

  • — Spend more time outside
  • — Be informed but avoid people who are cynical
  • — The film “A Great Green Fire” was recommended as a provocative overview of the environmental movement – it is available via MaineCat
  • — Engage with arts that promote social change and lift spirits
  • — Ask ourselves, “How can I actually, in some small way… “
  • — Connect in places we’re already connected, including Church, through kids, and in neighborhoods
  • — Engage intergenerationally – consider asking elders to play the role of a steadying force
  • — Have fun while making change
  • — Check out some other resources on this topic (here’s a booklist to start with)
  • — JoAnna Macy’s book World As Lover, World as Self was highly recommended
  • — Learn more about the history of social movements and the “wins” of past movements

Use the comments to share your insights about how to stay hopeful in the face of challenges and stay active in community life.

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