Rachel Adams created a large mural that was recently installed at Riverton Branch

There is a bright addition to the Riverton Branch Library Community—in addition to our welcoming staff, visitors will also be greeted by a vibrant new mural created by Portland visual artist Rachel Gloria Adams! Spanning nearly the entire length of the Branch’s back wall, each floral design panel is bursting with color complimenting this warm and welcoming space.  

Poignantly stated on Rachel’s website, Adams has developed a vibrant, graphic pattern-based visual language filled with references to the natural world.”

PPL is thrilled to have commissioned this piece for our permanent collection for all to enjoy.

“We had a great quote from an artistic young patron, ‘Ooh, I love the mural! So simple yet so beautiful!’ We’re getting positive comments from practically everyone who walks in the door. It was a terrific choice to brighten up our space here at Riverton.” – Lisa Harrington | Senior Library Assistant, Riverton Branch Library

Special thanks to PPL’s maintenance team for their careful and thoughtful installation of this piece and to the generous support of our patrons and donors for making art accessible to all at Portland Public Library.


Rachel Adams sits at a table creating a painting in front of various textile artworks.Rachel Gloria Adams is a visual artist living in Portland, ME. Inspired greatly by her surroundings including the beautiful chaos her two daughters bring, Adams has developed a vibrant, graphic pattern-based visual language filled with references to the natural world. 

An ongoing project and business venture TACHEE utilizes this imagery she developed through painting as textile prints. Rachel is currently developing a body of work that depicts her experience as a mother through a series of paintings and quilts. Rachel and husband, Ryan Adams, have recently taken on a series of murals, Piece Together Project, throughout Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood celebrating locals that have shaped the community.


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