We bid farewell to our Summer Intern

This summer, Portland Public Library was awarded the Inclusive Internship Initiative grant from the Public Library Association to fund a paid, teen intern. Hussein Maow, 16, was selected from over 25 applicants. Here is what he learned this summer at PPL:

Working at the library this summer has been an amazing experience. I have learned what it truly means to be a librarian. What we patrons see from the outside isn’t always what is true. I have learned that the stereotypes that librarians are given are always most likely unrealistic. My definition of a librarian isn’t a librarian who reads books all day and shushes people when they get the chance, my definition is a skilled person who is kind and energetic. They are dedicated to serving patrons in technology and research needs.

I had a good time working with the teen librarians this summer because I have learned what the teen librarians are passionate about. They are devoted to working with teens and providing the major necessities a teen would need for their educational success. Through my time working with them they have shared with me their experiences and passion for teens. The teen librarian makes her lounge a fun, comfortable and experimental place for teens from all around the world, no matter the color of their skin.

Teen Zine Crafting

Helping the children’s librarians with their workshops made me realize that we need to be aware of the education essentials newborns need throughout their time of growing. Working with the children’s librarians has shown me how fun and interactive it is working with children. They give children the time to express who they are and what their growing minds are passionate about. The children’s play area is warm, comforting and colorful. They befriend every family that comes in through the door, so that the children feel like the library is their educational home.

Children’s Programming

When I was told the library has an outreach program for the elderly who don’t have the ability to travel anymore, I was amazed and interested to learn about it. I instantly wanted to go with the outreach head librarian. My first experience going out with the outreach team was unbelievable because they made every patron’s day. Every elderly patron that came in through the door was lit up with a big smile on their face. The head librarian and her team are kind, inviting and soft spoken. They reach every person whether they live in a retirement home or by themselves.

Through my time at the library, the PC desk has been the most diverse place in the library. Nowadays everything is online, but sometimes it’s hard for people to have access to a computer, so the library created a place where every patron who comes in has free access to computers and internet. This taught me that there’s always a way of helping people help themselves.

Overall I have learned a lot throughout my time here. Being a librarian isn’t always easy but the work they put in and the joy they get when they make someone’s day makes up for it. I have learned that librarians fight for the right of their patrons whether it’s educational or experiential needs of the people they serve. They strive for the safety and privacy of every person who comes in through their doors.

Hussein Maow, PPL Summer Intern

Hussein will be a Junior at South Portland High School this year. He is also an active member of the PPL Teen Advisory Board and will continue to help make PPL an inclusive and inviting place to be.

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