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stickToday, we begin our book reviews of titles old and new!

Stick by Andy Pritchett, Candlewick Press, 2013

I can’t help it – I’m always drawn to picture books featuring dogs.  I have been like this since I was a kid.  Sometimes – I’m deeply disappointed in the book.  However, the big-eared canine on the cover of this picture book did not disappoint.

The bubbling excitement of the pup, when a stick is discovered, seems like it should be contagious.  He tries to find a friend to play ‘stick’ – but the cow, bird and pig have other interests.  The poor puppy is dejected – and throws the stick away.  But another puppy finds it and returns to play. The other animals (cow, bird and pig) are attracted by the joy playing ‘stick’ brings to the pups – and join in.

The story is told using only 6 words. But the text size, punctuation marks – and mostly the expressiveness of body language explore the emotions of the simple tale.  Speech balloons indicate who is speaking.  The page colors are bright and cheerful until the two page gray gloom of the poor pup’s dejection at not finding a friend.

The story is VERY simple, and the characters are appealing.  The very limited vocabulary could work for emerging readers.  It is very simply told but captures the joy of finding a friend for very young readers.


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