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Montgomery’s View: Excellent Ed (a picture book)

Excellent Ed

by Stacy McAnulty and illustrated by Julia Sarcone-Roach

Published by Knopf

All of the children in the Ellis family (Elaine, Edith, Emily, Elmer and Ernie) are excellent at something – but the family dog, Ed is desperate to find what he excels at. Ed wants to be allowed to do everything that the children do – eat at the table, ride in the van, sit on the couch and use the indoor bathroom. While the children all excel at things like ballet, cooking, soccer and math – Ed just can’t find his place. He attempts to excel at less than excellent behaviors like breaking things, forgetting and losing things. The poor dog begins to believe that he isn’t good enough for the Ellis family. But the family loves their dog and they see what he is good at. They remind him that he is excellent at cleaning the floor of crumbs, welcoming the family back home with tail wags and kisses and keeping feet warm. The illustrations perfectly depict a warm and loving family. The illustrations are mixed media with a lot of warm yellows.  Ed is shown with his tail in constant motion.

Ed shows us that everyone can be excellent at something!  This book will be loved by dog lovers everywhere.

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