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posted: , by Sarah Campbell
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The variety and range of libraries and the issues that are part of their daily and strategic concerns are not always obvious to the general public.  There is not a shortage of coverage of specific issues facing libraries such as e-books, funding, etc. and occasionally there is a more general survey about the future of libraries or how they are evolving.  For national audiences, the May 14th Wall Street Journal article, “The Library’s Future Is Not an Open Book” does a fine job giving a sense of the challenges and rationale that urban libraries face nationwide and how it is being addressed through planning and architecture.  One will see echoes and demonstrations of PPL in that piece.

For Mainers seeking to understand our statewide library landscape the newest issue of the Maine Policy Review offers a wonderful blend of comment on the history, philosophy, service and strategic challenges associated with Maine’s libraries.

Made in Portland : The Café Review

posted: , by Abraham
tags: Library Collections | Adults | Seniors | News | Portland History

March is National Poetry Month, encouraging writing activities throughout the country. Among the Portland Room’s local periodical collections is the complete and ongoing run of The Café Review now in its 21st year!


Pictured below is Steve Luttrell, founder and publishing editor of the Review. Last year, he was named the City of Portland’s Poet Laureate.  The photo was taken here in the Portland Room, as Steve kindly gave his certificate to the Archives’ collections.


Pictured here is the 20th Anniversary issue.  The Café Review continues to encourage local poetry-writing, and invites written and visual-art contibutions.

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