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Montgomery’s View: Summer Reading 2017

posted: , by Mary Peverada
tags: Montgomery's View | Programs & Events | Kids & Families



The Portland Public Library and the Portland Public Schools are excited to announce a joint summer reading program for 2017, I Reading in Portland: Pedal Through the Pages. Children throughout the community are encouraged to read about and explore Portland this summer!

The program will run for 8 weeks and sign up at the Portland Public Library begins the week of June 18. Participants will be given a reading log and adventure map. The goal is to read or listen to at least 8 books and to complete at least 8 activities on the adventure map. The adventure map contains suggestions for reading as well as outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There will be a variety of educational and entertaining programs at different Portland Public Library locations!

Children who visit the Library during sign-up will also receive a ticket voucher to a Portland Sea Dogs game! Those children who reach the reading goal and return their logs to the Library will receive a certificate, a book, a coupon from The Gelato Fiasco and a free Kids’ Meal from Subway. They will also have the chance to win a bicycle thanks to the generosity of Portland’s Triangle Lodge and the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation’s Bikes for Books program.

This year there will also be a component to our program for very young children and their parents/caregivers, Stroll Through Summer Reading. It includes a game-board of early literacy activities to complete. They include talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing – as they are the five simple and powerful ways you can help your child get ready to read!

Studies have shown that children who do not read over the summer months lose reading skills, while those who do read have their skills hold steady or even improve.  Improvement helps put students in a better place to achieve academically when the school year begins.  Studies also show that family participation in literacy activities greatly benefits children’s learning.  Make it your aim to read this summer.

 Read often – Read all summer – Read together as a family

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Five Fun Facts About Adam West, and One Fact That Is No Fun At All

posted: , by Patti DeLois
tags: Library Collections | Adults | Teens | Kids & Families | Seniors | Art & Culture

He was born William West Anderson in Walla Walla, Washington.

He starred opposite the Three Stooges in The Outlaws is Coming.

He turned down the lead role in Diamonds Are Forever because he thought James Bond should always be played by a British actor.

He hosted a children’s show in Hawaii in which his sidekick was a chimp.

His voice work includes The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, Scooby-Doo, Meet the Robinsons (both the movie and the video game) and, of course, Mayor Adam West of Quahog, Rhode Island, in Family Guy.

He passed away today, June 10, 2017, at the age of 88.



For a list of PPL’s videos featuring Adam West, click here.



Montgomery’s View: Family Science Backpacks

posted: , by Mary Peverada
tags: Library Collections | Montgomery's View | Kids & Families


Summer is fast approaching – and we have the perfect tools for your outdoor adventures – Family Science Backpacks.

Science is in everything, and there is no better way to experience it than in the outside world doing something fun. Family Science Backpacks are filled with tools to explore the world with an eye for wonder as a citizen scientist. There are six themes, which include: Birding, Bugs and Butterflies, Hiking (tree and flower identification), Rock Hounding, Star Gazing, and Water Wonder. 

Backpacks can be borrowed for 1 week with any Portland Public Library card in good standing, but an adult needs to be present at the time of check out. A family may borrow one backpack at a time and they are available in the Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library.

The Family Science Backpacks are a joint project of the Library’s Science and Technology and Children’s Teams. This project was made possible through the generous grant from the University of Southern Maine’s Thoughtful Giving Foundation.

The Birding backpack contains binoculars, a bird call, a bird call identification CD, a magnifying glass, and a clipboard case, as well as books for children and adults to identify birds. Patrons are encouraged to explore the Birds of North America database accessible with a library card, and engage in citizen science projects like the Great Backyard Bird Count. 

The Bugs and Butterflies backpack contains a butterfly net, binoculars, a magnifying glass, a two-way bug viewer, an insect habitat, and a clipboard case, as well as books for children and adults to recognize bugs, butterflies, and invasive species. Patrons can contribute to projects like the Monarch Map while using these tools.

The Hiking backpack contains a compass, a magnifying glass, binoculars, a plant press, a head lamp, maps of Peaks Island and Maine’s Southern Coast, a clipboard case, and materials for children and adults to identify and collect samples of trees, wildflowers and wild plants.

The Rock Hounding backpack comes with safety glasses, a rock hammer, a sand scoop, a gold panning bowl, plastic bags to collect specimens, a box of sample specimens, a scale of hardness, a magnifying glass, and a clipboard case. Maine Geological Survey provides a plethora of information on Maine’s geology, including virtual geology tours and descriptions of rock fields.

The Star Gazing backpack comes with binoculars, a red beam flashlight, a folding star chart, a moon map, a space blanket, a magnifying glass, and a clipboard case. Patrons can check it out with one of the library’s telescopes, and learn more about the night sky. There are lots of ways to help astronomers, by looking at moon craters online, looking for solar storms, and more. The library also offers cardholders a pass to the Southworth Planetarium at USM.

The Water Wonder backpack contains an aquascope, a pail and shovel, plastic bags to collect specimens, an aquatic dip net, a magnifying glass, binoculars, and a clipboard case. Patrons can help on projects like the Southern Maine Volunteer Beach Monitors, and the citizen stewards water quality program. 

In addition to these packs, patrons can check out a microscope, seeds, and other scientific tools. The Library is committed to providing science literacy to the community through hands on exploratory tools and opportunities for patrons of all ages. 

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