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Books, Films and Fun

From the Folger

The Folger Library has an incredible collection of digital resources for educators, students, and parents:

shakespeare woman w paper

Scene from Fiasco Theater’s production of, “Two Gents” at Folger Theatre

Educators & StudentsFirst Folio opened to title page First Folio opened to title page

Teaching Modules
Digital Texts
Shakespeare Publications


Shakespeare for Kids
Folger’s First Folio Family Guide




From the PPL Stacks

In celebration, PPL staff have curated lists for Shakespeare lovers and skeptics. So whether you’re looking to pick up a book of sonnets, or a foreign film based on one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, we’ve got something for everyone.

The Bard by the Book
Here are some items to give you a good grounding in Shakespeare and his time – or to help you deepen your knowledge. (Click for complete list)

a brave vessel book cover  shakespeares medical language book cover  hollow crown cover  collecting shakespeare book cover  book of william book cover

Shakespeare with a Twist
Think Shakespeare isn’t for you? Think again – PPL’s collection has some wonderfully quirky ways to engage with the Bard. (Click for complete list)

shakespeares star wars  ran cover  merchant of venice cover  science of shakespeare  throne of blood


Color Our Collections

Download coloring pages from our Portland Room, PPL’s Archives & Special Collections:

Coloring page from PPL Special Collections, Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 3

Coloring page from PPL’s Special Collections, Macbeth – Act 5, Scene 3


The Tempest
Macbeth – Act I, Scene III
Macbeth – Act V, Scene I
Macbeth – Act V, Scene VII