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Journaling — now and forward

Perhaps you write in a journal daily, or weekly, or when something life-changing happens- or- you’ve thought about writing, but are looking for some traction to get started…

journal writingThe Library’s free monthly Journaling Program has been meeting since summer 2016, and includes journal-writers of all levels of experience, as well as those who want to try taking up pen & paper for the first time. All are welcome.

For the moment, while many of us may be working from home- or at least in an isolation that has postponed gathering in groups for the time being, here are some resources to support your writing efforts- wherever you may be now. Many write to preserve the present- for future readers, perhaps to pass along to later generations- or even just to re-read one’s journeys later on.

Journaling amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic:
Write It Down, from the University of Virginia :

Why You Should Keep a Pandemic Journal

Journaling About the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, from the Genealogy Reporter:

10 Quick Journal Prompts to Calm Your Mind:


Journaling, in general, and getting started:
– Journal writing prompts, from Creative Writing Now:

Reflective Journal Writing Prompts, from Janine Ripper:

Journal Writing Prompts to Inspire, from Wildflowers and Wanderlust:

About the Craft of Writing:
Welcome to the Typosphere, for those who love to write by typewriter!

The Pencil Revolution, inspiring people to write in pencil!

An Inkophile’s Blog, to remind us of the time-honored fountain pen aesthetic in journaling and letter-writing. Fountain pens are very popular among the PPL’s Journaling in the Library group!

The Well-Appointed Desk, to add some encouragement for your improvised work-spaces: