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The Library is your partner to explore, research, and share the love of reading and writing. We love recommending what to read next, what’s popular and what’s lesser known, and to spread the word about what’s going on in the library and in the community for readers and writers.


Join Portland Ovations and the Portland Public Library as we embark on a four-part exploration of Octavia E. Butler’s Parable series.


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Our Book of the Week project is created by Reader’s Advisory staff and is focused on sharing one great book from across the Library’s collections each week.  You can see a photo of each new book of the week and a list of the books in our library catalog here.

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Join one of our ongoing book groups for children, teens, or adults, or find resources to start your own! Portland Public Library is now offering sets of books that you can borrow for your book group. These sets include multiple copies of the same title, often with large print or audio formats.

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Are you unsure of what to read next? Our Reader’s Advisory staff is here to help! We’re ready to put our professional book-matching skills to work for adults, teens, and children.


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The sixth annual Reading Challenge is here! 24 books in 12 months: will you accept the challenge?


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Not sure what to read next? Explore our librarian-crafted book lists for new releases, older favorites, and books in-between!


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Attend events featuring authors from Maine and beyond! Watch past events on YouTube or listen to them on the PortLit podcast.


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Whether you’re selling your epic novel or creating a book of family recipes, we’ve got what you need to get started!


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The Portland Poet Laureate is an honorary position given every 3 years to a poet who resides in the Greater Portland area and wishes to connect our shared community to the wonderful world of poetry. Portland’s current poet laureate is Maya Williams.

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Downtown Library
Blurb Club in Mechanics' Hall12:00pm - 1:00pm
Blurb Club in Mechanics’ Hall
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