Portland Public Library
5 Monument Square
Portland ME 04101
Phone: 207-871-1700
Fax: 207-871-1703
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Contact the Library:
Switchboard (207) 871-1700
Administration Ext. 756
Children’s Services Ext. 707 childrens@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Development Ext. 759 levine@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Facilities Rentals Ext. 721 reservations@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Lending Services / Website Ext. 730 lending@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Outreach Services Ext. 717 outreach@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Portland Room Ext. 747 portlandroom@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Programming Ext. 723 harkness@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Public Computing Ext. 708 pc@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Research & Information Services Ext. 725 reference@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Teen Services Ext. 773 blue@portlandpubliclibrary.org
Administration Contacts:
Administration Office (located at the Main Library): 207-871-1700 x756
Sarah Campbell Executive Director campbell@portlandpubliclibrary.org x755
Jenna Mayotte Associate Director mayotte@portlandpubliclibrary.org x736
George Cooper Director of Finance cooper@portlandpubliclibrary.org x760
Ann Marie Costa Director of Human Resources costa@portlandpubliclibrary.org x768
Wendy Nowell Assistant to the Executive Director nowell@portlandpubliclibrary.org x755
Joyce Vacca Finance & Human Resources Specialist vacca@portlandpubliclibrary.org x757
Development & Programming Contacts:
Development & Programming Office: 207-871-1700 x758
Emily Levine Director of Development & External Relations levine@portlandpubliclibrary.org x759
Rachael Harkness Programming Manager harkness@portlandpubliclibrary.org x723
Teams & Leadership Contacts:
Business & Government Team Sonya Durney,
Team Leader
durney@portlandpubliclibrary.org x729
Children’s Team Mary Peverada,
Team Leader
peverada@portlandpubliclibrary.org x707
City of Readers Team Jim Charette,
Team Leader
charette@portlandpubliclibrary.org x732
Cultural Center Team Tom Wilsbach,
Team Leader
wilsbach@portlandpubliclibrary.org x711
Health Team Brandie Burrows,
Team Leader
burrows@portlandpubliclibrary.org x732
Science & Technology Team Samantha Duckworth,
Team Leader
Duckworth@portlandpubliclibrary.org x284
Portland History Team Abraham Schechter,
Team Leader
schechter@portlandpubliclibrary.org x747
Teen Team Kelley Blue,
Team Leader
blue@portlandpubliclibrary.org x707
Walk-In Services Team Kathleen Spahn,
Team Leader
spahn@portlandpubliclibrary.org x709
Connect-In Services Team Kathleen Spahn,
Team Leader
spahn@portlandpubliclibrary.org x709
Portable Library Services Team Steve Weigle,
Team Leader
Institutional Research Team Brian Damien,
Team Leader
damien@portlandpubliclibrary.org x716
Technology Infrastructure Team Scott MacCallum, Team Leader maccallum@portlandpubliclibrary.org x771