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Photography & Photo History

On the topics of Photography and the History of Photography…

…here are a few sites that accentuate photographic media, their many different processes, and how they’ve been used since the mid-19th century. Archival work, such as we do in the Portland Room at PPL, brings together the interpretation and cataloguing of photo media, understanding historic image-creation processes, and their preservation. As we all “read” photographs, we can also benefit from the subjects in the images as well as how a photographer can uniquely communicate their vision through the camera.










Photographic Processes Video Series from the Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY

History of Photography Timeline, by Philip Greenspun

Victoria & Albert Museum’s presentation about Photographic Processes

The Evolution of Cameras and Photography Infographic








Digital Photography Collections – National Archives, Washington

One Hundred Influential Photographs – Time Magazine

International Center of Photography – Exhibitions







Archival Preservation / Conservation of Photographs

Preventive Conservation of Photographs, National Gallery of Australia

Caring for Photographic Materials, Canadian Conservation Institute

…and last, but not least- The History of Photography Podcast,
and its numerous links!