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Portland Public Library Speaks Out Against Hate

Portland Public Library supports the democratic process of civil discourse. As an institution with a mission to respect all citizens, we do not tolerate hate speech or threats directed against individuals and groups who choose to participate in the democratic process.

Free speech is a bedrock of the democratic process. Voting is a bedrock of the democratic process. Civil service is a bedrock of the democratic process. Libraries provide information and experiences to promote conversation and learning, and engage multiple perspectives in support of the democratic process.

In response to recent personal attacks and threats against Councilor Zarro, the Mayor, and other Councilors, we remind the Portland community that these are civil servants who were elected, and they are individuals who have a right to free speech — just as those who disagree with their proposals and decisions have the fundamental right to express that disagreement as part of civil discourse. Threats and hate speech serve only to undermine the democratic process.

Andrew Zarro serves on the Portland Public Library Board of Trustees as the Mayor’s designee where he demonstrates his knowledge of the City and its stated priorities, his curiosity and fairness to listen and understand issues, and his commitment to deeply thoughtful decision-making. We thank Councilor Zarro for his role on City Council and as a vital member of the Portland community.

Sarah Campbell, Executive Director
Anne Dalton, President, Board of Trustees

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