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Portland’s Sustainability Series

Portland’s Sustainability Series: Leading conversations on Maine’s changing climate

Sustainability (from sustain and ability) is the endurance of systems and processes through time. The Portland Sustainability Series will present a diversity of speakers to share different aspects of the work moving Maine to greater endurance and sustainability. Please join the Portland Public Library and the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative as we engage in these important issues and conversations.

Upcoming Events:
Discomfort and Renewal: Decolonizing the Abbe Museum
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: Main Library, Rines Auditorium Audience: Adults Join guest speaker Starr Kelly, Curator of Education at the Abbe Museum as she shares her thoughts on how museums can address the wrongs of the past and pave the way for a more equitable future.
One Climate Future: Charting a Course for Portland and South Portland
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: Main Library, Rines Auditorium Audience: Adults, Seniors Together, Portland and South Portland work to be inclusive, vibrant communities that provide opportunities for residents and businesses to thrive in a changing climate. Sustainability Coordinator, Troy Moon, will speak about the project's status.