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New Ghost Hunting Kit Has Us Reading Creepy

Libraries are all about exploration and discovery. For those whose interests and curiosity include the exploration of the paranormal, our new Ghost Hunting Kit is for you! 

Sara F Ghost Hunting in NY Hotel 2020

This kit has been field-tested by long-time ghost hunter (and sometimes skeptic), supernatural enthusiast, and PPL Teen Librarian Sara Fiorenza.


To test a range of environments, Sara first wanted to see if any areas of her 1950s prefab home would elicit a reading. No significant readings were picked up until she approached the backroom door of a particularly creepy unfinished extension of the house used for storage, including a few items that belonged to their long-gone grandparents and great grandparents. This backroom also features a closet where the doors are mirrors, and, when opened, face each other.  

“This is a super big superstitious no-no, everything from it being a portal for bad things to come through to an infinite reflection of energy which can disrupt your own frequencies. This room always gives me bad vibes and I try not to go back there alone or at night. The reader started to go crazy as I approached the door to the extension. As soon as I opened the door, the reader went quiet. Probably one of the creepier experiences with ghostly encounters.” – Sara Fiorenza, seen here in 2020 ghost hunting in the basement of the Shanley Hotel Napanoch, NY

Portland Public Library Ghost Hunting Kit 2023WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:

The Kit includes a standard EMF (electromagnetic frequency) reader, EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorder and a ghost box. These are items that let you detect ghosts, hear ghosts, and potentially speak with ghosts! The kit has an SD card that allows you to record what you hear on the ghost box and the EVP wristwatch allows you to transfer files to your computer so you can review and dissect potential evidence.  

Also included are helpful instruction books covering the basics and a wider variety of subjects often overlooked, such as the dangers of ghost hunting and what you should bring along with you besides ghost detecting equipment. 

The kit is great for people looking to have a spooky experience and I highly recommend it. Be respectful, dress warmly, and happy ghost hunting!” 


Maine is full of mysterious places – graveyards, creepy alleys, underground tunnels (there are several in Portland) historic buildings, open fields, wooded areas – and so many other spots that might give you a chill after dark. We invite you to check out the Ghost Hunting Kit with Your PPL Card and let us know who (or what) you meet…. 

Ghost Hunting Resources found in PPL Collection

Ready to find some ghosts? To get the most out of your ghost hunting experience, we’ve created this list of related resources from New England Nightmares to Scooby-doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost!


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