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Download popular eBooks cloudLibrary iconfor free to your phone or tablet from cloudLibrary. This service is offered in partnership with other Maine libraries, with exclusive content available to Portland Public Library cardholders. Our catalog is constantly growing, so check in frequently to see what’s new!

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EBSCOhost Ebook Collection

This collection of nearly 8,000 eBooks contains titles that cover a wide variety of topics for all ages. Books can be download to a computer or mobile device for up to 7 days by following these instructions. This service is offered through the Maine State Library.

Scribner Writers Series

The Scribner Writers series is a series of scholarly eBooks that include: American Writers Collection (36 vols); British Writers Collection (26 vols); European Writers Collection (14 vols); World and Genre Writers Collection (25 vols). Books can be viewed online, printed, or downloaded. This service is offered through the Maine State Library.

Public Domain
You can also download eBooks, for free and without due dates, that are out-of-copyright or “public domain” from these sources:

Les livres electroniques en francais!
La biblotheque a deux lecteurs de livres electroniques (Nook Simple Touch) avec plus de vingt livres electroniques en francais pour les francophones ou bien pour ceux qui aiment la langue francaise. On peut les emprunter pour trois semaines (exactement comme les livres imprimes).