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Montgomery’s View: Counting Lions (a picture book)

posted: , by Mary Peverada
tags: Montgomery's View | Recommended Reads | Kids & Families


by  Katie Cotton and illustrated by Stephen Walton

Published by Candlewick Press

10 double-page spreads introduce the numbers 1-10 – and animals that are vulnerable and endangered. Each spread includes an illustration of animals in the accompanying number and has a short free verse poem about the species.  The book is hard to categorize: it doesn’t totally work as a counting book because the numbers are spelled out only; the information about the animals really targets school aged children and not preschoolers; the subtle hint that counting the species is a reminder of dwindling numbers targets adult readers; the impassioned foreword by Virginia McKenna (animal activist and actress from Born Free) is definitely written for the adult reader. Still it is an important book – but where will it go in the collection?

The illustrations are exquisite.  They are charcoal drawings that are photo-realistic.  The cover drawing of the lion is as rich and detailed as any photo. The book is over-sized which will make shelving difficult.  It is like a coffee-table book for the younger reader. It is a beautiful tribute to endangered species and worth looking for a place on your shelves to host it.

Pick up a copy at the Portland Public Library

A new eBook platform is coming!

posted: , by Emily Levine
tags: About the Library | Online Services | Adults | Teens | Kids & Families | Seniors | News

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, the Maine InfoNet Download Library will move to a brand new eBook and eAudiobook platform called cloudLibrary. This will replace the Overdrive platform.

We’re positive PPL patrons will enjoy the cloudLibrary platform. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple to download titles, save reads for later, and even sync activity across multiple devices.

This transition will offer Maine readers a bigger selection of eBooks and eAudiobooks, including most of the digital titles already in our collection. As an additional benefit, the checkout period has been extended from 2 weeks to 3 weeks!

There is no cost to library users. All you need to get started is an active library card.

The cloudLibrary app is compatible with the following devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phones, Android Tablets, NOOK Tablets, NOOK eReaders, Kobo eReaders and Kindle Fires.

Amazon has declined to make the cloudLibrary app available through its proprietary app store. Please check these detailed instructions for using the Kindle Fire and the Kindle HD.

Getting started

The Maine State Library’s FAQ is very helpful resource, but here are answers to questions you may have:

  • Our current system, managed by Overdrive, will be turned off on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. CloudLibrary will be launched the very next day, Wednesday, March 1, 2017.
  • With this transition to cloudLibrary, the Download Library will continue to offer readers nearly all the current collection of over 10,000 digital titles, plus new titles and additional copies of popular titles.
  • Significant cost savings due to the change in platforms will allow us to purchase more content, reducing the wait times for popular titles.
  • Checkouts that exist in Overdrive on February 28 will not transfer to the new system. What exactly happens to an active checkout at the time of switchover will depend on a patron’s specific device and how it checks back (or doesn’t) to see if the item’s license is still valid in cloudLibrary.
  • Holds will not transfer to the new system. You should place a new hold in the cloudLibrary by downloading the app and logging in on March 1.
  • Patron requests to purchase a specific title will not transfer to the new system. You may want to place your new request in cloudLibrary on March 1.
  • Users of Kindle devices should be advised that the Kindle Fire (2nd generation or newer) works with the cloudLibrary, but e-ink Kindles do not.

The cloudLibrary support site has a downloadable cloudLibrary User Guide, provides how-to videos, and is a useful spot for other help topics. Of course, PPL’s staff is ready to help with any questions once we make the change. We are excited about the new platform and the expanded options it will provide for our patrons.


Montgomery’s View: LOOK UP! (a picture book)

posted: , by Mary Peverada
tags: Montgomery's View | Recommended Reads | Kids & Families
look up


by Jung Jin-Ho

Published by  Holiday House

The reader needs to study the opening scene of this book and figure out what they are looking at. It appears to be a view of a sidewalk from above with a line of trees to the left and people walking. Turning the page a wheelchair begins to edge into the scene from the right – another turn shows a head peering over a balcony to watch below. The scene is always the same except for the changing bodies – dog walkers, bicyclists, walkers, children playing games, kite flier,umbrellas in the rain and so on. The monotony and loneliness of the girl are palpable by the sameness and the lack of color. In this scantily worded book – the girl calls out to those below to “look up” – she wants to be noticed and a part of the scene. Finally, a boy looks up and notices her.  He lies on the ground so she can see more than the top of his head. A woman joins him and soon there are nine people and a dog on the ground looking up. Then the girl looks up at the reader and smiles. The turn of the page shows the same scene with color – the world is now different and kinder.  If you look carefully you will see an empty wheelchair with a smiling girl and boy standing next to it. The interesting perspective of this book delivers its power.  It is a tale of friendship, warmth and grace.

In its simplicity it packs a wallop.

Pick up a copy at the Portland Public Library

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